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The Importance of Verifying Your Information

Anyone researching their family history will no doubt at some point have come to realize the huge impact on families the 1st and 2nd World War had. In my own family I lost a grandfather in Rabaul, New Guinea, an Uncle in a Burma p.o.w camp and two great Uncles on their way to Gallopoli. Other relatives of course returned but then had to live with the memories of what they had endured. Physically and emotionally scarred for the remainder of their lives.

Some great internet sites for researching your ancestors who fought in the 1st and 2nd World war are:

The Australian War Memorial
The National Archives of Australia
The Commonwealth War graves

If you know the Battalion name that your ancestor served in, I have found that by typing that in to Google you can come up with some interesting results.

My grandfather served in the 2/22nd Battalion and I recently attended a very moving ceremony in Benalla to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battalions march from Trawool to Bonegilla, before they were sent overseas to serve in Rabaul.

It was great to talk to other people in attendance, look at the photo displays and other memorabilia. My grandfathers name was John Sloan. It was disappointing and frustrating to find that there had been two John Sloans in the 2/22nd battalion, and somehow a lot of the information about them had been merged. Obviously, an historian had assumed there was only one. This mistake highlighted the fact to me that when we are researching our family history we need to be very careful not to make assumptions without checking all the facts first!