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Heirloom Charts Canvas & Printing Information

At Heirloom Charts we only provide the most durable and long lasting products available.

Poly Cotton Canvas

At Heirloom Charts, we recommend using poly cotton canvas. We believe it is a superior product and produces a superior finish. we use a canvas that has a base weight of 356 gsm has a high quality matte finish and is pH neutral (acid free). Designed for long-term, fade resistant fine art or photo re-productions when imaged with the UV pigment inks. It has 100 + year image stability. Unlike 100% cotton canvas, there is less chance of the canvas actually sagging over time. The poly/cotton canvas we use is formulated to be inkjet receptive with a special emulsion designed to accept the latest high technology pigmented inks.

100% Natural Raw Cotton Canvas

Heirloom Charts also offers the choice of 100% natural, raw, cotton canvas or poly cotton canvas for your family tree chart. The natural cotton canvas we use has large amounts of visual texture. It is unbleached raw artists canvas which is 100%. It is close to identical to most of the canvas used in the screen printing process and has no added fluorescent optical brightening agents. It has a matte finish and reflects less light than the poly/cotton canvas the end result is an organic textural finish that feels natural to touch. The weight of the cotton canvas is 390gsm. You have the choice of having your canvas with or without a UV protective coating. At Heirloom Charts we highly recommend coating all canvas, as it creates a more durable product.

Stretched Gallery Mounted (Framed) Canvas Heirloom Charts

Each canvas tram banner is carefully printed on high quality artists archival canvas. If you choose our more traditional framed canvas it comes gallery mounted on heavy duty, eco-friendly frames and finished with a UV protecting, water resistant, anti-fungal coating. The pigment based inks are the same as those used in reproduction art for museums and galleries. It is then finished with framers backing tape and hanging wire. All our artwork is proudly designed and produced in Australia, the digital printing used is far superior and will last a lifetime compared with other printing methods.

Unframed (Rolled) Canvas Heirloom charts

Heirloom Charts unframed canvas prints currently come rolled. They are finished with a UV protecting, anti-fungal coating and the inks used are pigment based which are used in reproduction art in museums and galleries.

Are You After a Printing Option That We don't Have?

At Heirloom Charts we want to help you produce a lasting piece of Art work that you are happy with. So if you have a special requirement please contact us and we will do or very best to help you.